Consumer Insights, Usability, Sensory Evaluation



Let Blade Consulting help you to select the best and most effective services for your needs.  Blade Consulting can support you from the initial planning phase, through product launch, and ongoing production.  Creativity and flexibility are fundamental to the services and methods selected for your projects.

  Project Management

Including efficient coordination of consumer research studies, descriptive evaluation, data interpretation, and insightful report writing.  When you have too much on your plate, Blade Consulting can step in and manage projects in whole or in part, according to your needs and specifications. 

Moderating Focus Groups and one-on-one interviews      

Moderate focus groups to identify and prioritize the needs and desires of your target consumers.  Get direct feedback about your latest prototypes and/or competitors products.  

Usability Testing      

To insure that consumers can easily interact with your products.  Evaluate  software, electronic gadgets, personal care and household cleaning products, packaging, and  product instructions.  Contextual Inquiry, Think-aloud, Persona development, Sorting, and a variety of other methods are utilized.  

Data Interpretation and Report Writing 

Insightful and pragmatic interpretation of a wide range of qualitative/quantitative data and statistical analyses.  Clear, to-the-point report writing style.  

Program Reviews and Leadership Training

Evaluation of current programs to explore areas for improvement and to promote increased effectiveness.  Work with experienced staff to review methods, brainstorm new approaches, and improve personal interactions by coaching in techniques for "speedreading" colleagues, understanding differing motivations, conflict resolution, and more.

Descriptive Panel Training  

 Training of in-house staff or outside candidates to objectively evaluate your products.